Meet the Makers

We are proud to support small creative businesses and when you shop with us, you support them too.  Each of our wonderful makers has their own story to tell, so here we meet the people behind the products. 

Amber Jordan Design

Amber is a textile designer from Belfast, with an extensive background in fine art and a degree in design. Her passion for digital illustration blossomed during her studies in Leicester when she began creating pet portrait illustrations for friends and family. From there, Amber Jordan Design was born! 

Moving back home in 2019, Amber discovered a real fascination for the country she grew up in. Lockdown left her exploring new places in and around Belfast whilst enjoying a weekend cycle to the Belfast Docks. She became inspired by the industrial infrastructures and iconic landscapes strewn along the coast of Northern Ireland which led her to begin creating her ever growing Belfast print collection. 

Amber’s yearly travels to the Mediterranean played a part in her bestselling florals, which burst with vibrant tropical tones! Her work plays on both exotic and moody styles, versatile for both colour lovers and individuals who prefer a muted interior. Her range consists of a variety of beautiful “work from home” artwork additions for home offices that became a bestseller during the pandemic! 

Alongside her passion for design, Amber enjoys spending time with her dog Ollie and beach days along the north coast. 

Adele Pound 

Adele Pound Artist

Adele originally studied fine art, dismaying her tutors by insisting on painting wildlife. The inspiration for all her work is the natural world. Central to this is her ongoing practice of drawing from life. Whether drawing wintering birds through a telescope or clipping magnifiers to her glasses to study insects in her garden, she still insists on drawing wildlife.

It is this careful study, observation and research that enables Adele to design her paper art creations. Immediately recognisable species are depicted through the use of simple shapes and colours. Each design is a learning process that expands Adele's self taught paper engineering skills, and reveals new ideas and possibilities for the next. 

Adele has received a number awards and bursaries from Arts Council NI, Ards and North Down Borough Council and the Society of Wildlife Artists. She has taken part in numerous artist's residencies some specifically wildlife focused, such as the John Busby Seabird Drawing course and the Ayatana Research Residency “Parliament of Owls” in Quebec, Canada.

Bán íon Soap 

A Master Herbalist, with a diploma in Aromatherapy, Karen, founder and owner of Bán íon Soap, lives with her husband of 32 years and their two dogs Dempsey and Penny in Bán íon Cottage, nestled in the countryside of County Armagh, Northern Ireland. She has two grown up children and two grandsons, and family has always been an integral part of the ethos of her business. 

‘Soap making has allowed me to incorporate teachings from my own grandmother and share my knowledge of healing your body through natural, holistic remedies and aromatherapy. It’s also important that my kids and grandchildren see a woman-owned business in action. I want them to see how hard work and diligence can pay off and to learn the importance of small business in their community,’ explains Karen.

From the outset it was a conscious decision that the soaps were nature inspired, using sustainable, paraben free ingredients, good for the customer and the environment. 

‘Soaps are made in small batches with zero waste, wrapped and stamped by hand, giving it a hand crafted look, which is so key to the brand.’ 

Karen makes all the soaps herself and is constantly experimenting with different combinations and finding inspiration in the therapeutic properties of natural products. 

Currently looking at how to stretch the brand, Karen emphasises, ‘The highest quality is the most important thing to me, so I want to make sure I provide this before I add more product categories. I will definitely be expanding my Shampoo Bar range this year and also formulating a hand cream that complements our soap range.’

Blue Lemonade Ink

Claire from Blue Lemonade

Claire from Blue Lemonade Ink is a graphic designer and illustrator. In 2019 she decided to teach herself modern styled calligraphy on her tablet and, after contemplating it for a few years, started her own business selling prints. 

“I wanted to merge my passion for philosophy, poetry and great quotes from great writers with my love of design and illustration,” explains Claire.

A big fan of musicals, she also creates musical theatre themed prints as well as Biblical scripture wall art, custom/bespoke family and pet illustrations and wedding stationery. 

“My prints are often brightly coloured with negative space and I’d describe my illustrations as whimsical and fun. I’m very excited to be welcomed onto the Our Wee Makers’ team!”

In her spare time, Claire enjoys writing poetry and scripts, going on adventures with her husband, playing the Xbox and cycling. 

Have a Day Designs 

A family-run business comprising of sisters Aoife, Denise and Aoibheann, and mum Frances, Have A Day Designs was established in 2020 and is based in the Ards Peninsula. Originally from counties Down and Armagh and with family from Tyrone and Antrim, the team were constantly surrounded by a wide and varied range of dialects, accents, slang and idioms specific to various parts of Northern Ireland. This became the focal point of their creations, where the combination of warm familiarity, gentle humour and unique sound would be celebrated in simple but bold designs.

In Have A Day Designs’ work you’ll find phrases you remember older generations saying years ago, as well as words and sayings specific to locales across the North on handmade greeting cards, art prints, wrapping paper, gifts and more. Have A Day Designs is also an eco-friendly company, using recycled and recyclable papers, cards, and envelopes, as well as biodegradable packaging. 

Clay & Rope 

Claire Dunwoody is the owner of NodoKnots, with a studio in Bangor, Co. Down. She  designs simple Macramé for you to try at home to teach you the basic knots, and more advanced pieces to develop your skills. She also runs workshops Boom Studios in Bangor, and creates bespoke Macramé pieces.

Rebecca Drysdale is the founder of Drysdale Ceramics, with a studio from Boom Studios in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Rebecca teaches thrown pottery to the local community making it more accessible and affordable for all ages and families; as well as making functional ceramic pieces and vessels. 

Clay and Rope began as a skill sharing project within Boom Studios. When ceramicist Rebecca attended a macramé class, and Macramé artist Claire learnt how to hand throw clay pots.  Both were hooked on the others medium!

Danielle Eve Griffin 

Danielle Eve Griffin

Danielle is a Yorkshire born, Belfast-based watercolour artist, inspired by all thing’s nature and history. Growing up on her granddad's farm in Longford, Ireland, Danielle spent much of her childhood waddling through fields, eating berries off trees, and watching her granddad tend to the cabbage patch in his garden. This is where her love of nature truly began. As an artist, Danielle aims to capture this love of nature through the mediums of watercolour and ink, which allows her to create detailed, and expressive art that carries an air of wistfulness. 

Aside from nature, Danielle has always been fascinated by history, and is specifically inspired with historical buildings and architecture. This is demonstrated in her ‘NI Landmarks’ collection that takes inspiration from architectural buildings and popular landmarks across Northern Ireland. Again, Danielle combines the mediums of watercolour and ink to inject fun and personality into her work, all the while encapsulating the individual characteristics of each subject.

Daisy & Joy

Based in Co. Antrim, Daisy & Joy is a small business owned by Emma McAlister. Emma’s business originally started as a hobby to design prints for her own home. She decided to launch Daisy & Joy because she wanted to offer custom designs for people who couldn’t find what they were looking for elsewhere that would match their interior style. 

While initially Daisy & Joy specialised in custom prints, Emma has since expanded her range of products to include handmade greetings cards and most recently has released her first range of wedding stationery designs. 

Frances McKenna Art

Born near Navanfort in Armagh in 1970, Frances McKenna graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster at Belfast. 

Throughout her art career, Frances has achieved many awards for her work, including first prize of the Bass Ireland Award. Her major collectors include UTV, The Irish News, Northern Ireland Civil Service, Bass Ireland, Oifig an Taoiseach, and Armagh City Council, as well as many private collections. Frances has exhibited her work in various group and solo shows in galleries throughout Ireland. 

Frances’s current paintings are her emotional and nostalgic response for her love of Donegal and her home in Armagh. Her work captures the atmosphere and energy of the moment.

‘Today my paintings are about portraying life’s beautiful energy. I want to move my viewer, to lift their spirits. I want them to be pulled into the painting and feel uplifted,’ explains Frances. ‘It is my hope that the viewer of my work can get lost in my paintings, with a sense of joy… To walk and lose oneself among the wild flowers in a vast open space of sunshine; to feel the wind in their face; listen to the sounds of the oceans; taste the sea salt in the air and the smells of Irish turf burning fires. To live among colour of every description. A little piece of heaven on earth.’

Jenny Baird Art

Photograph of artists Jenny Galbraith

Jenny is a mixed media artist based in Bangor, Co Down. Although having a degree in English Literature and a Masters in Renaissance literature, Jenny’s passion always lay within the creative arts. 

Jenny has exhibited work both in Northern and Southern Ireland. Her work features in both private and public collections - including that of the Northern Ireland Civil Service.  Jenny began her artistic journey as a printmaker, winning the Royal Ulster Academy ‘Printmakers’ prize twice.  Although she still does a little printmaking, Jenny has turned her attention to mixed media art. 

Jenny is married with three sons. A keen animal lover, she works from home where she is accompanied by her numerous furry and feathered friends.  When not creating, you will find her in her garden tending to her veggies or planning what to plant next. 

Jenny enjoys making original pieces of art that are a wee bit different, often incorporating quotes in her work and mixing stitching and painting. A mixed media approach makes each piece of art unique and allows for a wide creative scope. Every day brings a different creation. Whether it be recycling vintage tobacco tins, cutting flowers from recycled beer cans or using quotes from vintage books, there’s always something interesting on the horizon. 

KB Art Room 

Kerry from KB Artroom

Kerry Brady has had an obsession with drawing from a very young age, but when studying for her Masters, didn’t have as much time. During lockdown she rediscovered her passion and found art to be a great stress reliever. She became inspired by the wildlife she saw in her garden and while out walking. 

‘I had always done pet portraits for my family and friends, but never had the courage to sell my work until this year,’ explains Kerry. ‘I also find drawing fur very therapeutic, which is why I mostly do animal drawings.’

Kerry enjoys playing about with different mediums so doesn’t conform to a particular style. She has recently developed her range of wildlife art to include home ware items including mugs, coasters and tote bags. 

Liloak Jewellery

Inspired by the mountains, sea and forests, every piece of Liloak jewellery is designed and handmade in Rostrevor, Co. Down by Sheila Murphy. Having worked for years in the music and theatre industries, Sheila moved back home in 2018 and set out to learn silversmithing. 

‘Throughout my years of working on tours, I often found myself searching out green spaces in whatever city I would be working in… Now I make wee mementos of nature in silver, copper, brass and sea glass from the shores of Carlingford Lough.' 

Liloak Jewellery aims to be that little connection to nature and home that you can wear no matter where you find yourself. 

Lure Silver 

Ruth Gilmour has been an artist for many years and her paintings have been exhibited in Ireland, Barcelona, Lucerne, New York, and San Francisco. Recently alongside painting, Ruth also has been Silversmithing. 

During the past year she had the opportunity to transfer her skills and passion for creativity and design to handcrafting jewellery and launched LUREsilver.  She has had success to date selling her pieces at home as well as to customers in Ireland, Italy, Germany and the USA.

Producing her collections in her home studio in Banbridge, Co. Down, Ruth is inspired by the heritage and countryside at home in Northern Ireland. Her recent collection 19.5 has a strong familiarity as she draws on the shapes, patterns, textures found along the 19.5 miles of the Mourne wall. This collection is available in Sterling Silver either Matt, high shine or with Patina finish as well as 9ct Gold.

Ruth is registered at the London assay Office and all her work is hall marked and bears Ruth’s makers mark also.

Belfast native Frances Magee is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer.  Frances trained in Art and Design at the York street campus of the University of Ulster specialising in creating sculpture in mixed media.

Having lived and travelled extensively across Europe, Frances has absorbed a modern European view on family living spaces. Creating a pared back interior aesthetic of her own which has proven popular amongst clients.

Frances has been developing macrame and hand weaving techniques for many years, producing unique finishing touch pieces for homes across the UK.

“There is nothing comparable to the tactile feel of the threads, as well as the rhythm of making knot after knot, until a piece takes form. On the most personal level, knotting gives me a chance to immerse myself in a very peaceful, private meditative process that allows me to create simple, elegant forms with bold, striking colours.”

The range of products has expanded to include linocut and monotype prints on earth friendly materials and is an extension of the botanical themes which have proved so popular with customers across residential and commercial settings. 

Breathing new life into materials which are destined for landfill has become a mission for Frances. Giving a ‘second life’ to this previously discarded medium and sharing the creations with customers new and old has become a source of great joy.


Maggie Mcatamney Mothu

Maggie Mcatamney is an award-winning designer/maker, artist and fully qualified art teacher. A University of Ulster graduate, Maggie has exhibited her paintings and textile art internationally and has 21 years’ experience of working in Art & Design, including her own fashion label in London and contemporary jewellery making. 

Based in Belfast, Maggie is inspired by the magic of her Irish heritage and culture, and set up Mothú in April 2021, designing and producing jewellery and craft pieces through a method of laser cut digital craft. 

“I really began to explore the historical patterns and motifs of ancient history in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland which gives me an excuse to get out and about with my camera capturing the colours and textures of a stunning landscape,” explains Maggie.

The result is a wonderful range of jewellery that combines history with contemporary design. 

Natasha Ellison Photography

Based in Ballynahinch in County Down, Natasha Ellison has taken a step away from her career as a beauty therapist to concentrate on her passion of photography. Inspired by her grandfather who was a photographer, Natasha has had a keen interest for many years, and that interest was fuelled when her husband bought her a Nikon 3400 DSLR in 2017 – her first ‘real’ camera. 

‘I began to get out more with the camera and after doing some digital photography courses, found I really, really loved it. Especially capturing nature, scenery and wildlife. I felt it helped force me to see the beauty in even the most seemingly uninspiring vistas,’ explains Natasha. 

Natasha began selling her work at craft fairs and markets until the pandemic hit, and while these events were unfortunately cancelled, she was still able to get out and shoot and learn even more about the art. 

Her work includes capturing wildlife and scenery from around Northern Ireland and further afield when travel wasn’t a problem! 

Neruja Sri

Neruja Sri

Neruja is the face behind everything Neruja Sri. An engineer based in Coleraine, she discovered her creative side in 2021 and began making polymer clay earrings with bold and unique designs. 

Taking extreme pride in everything she makes and does, Neruja wanted to create a brand and product that reflected her creative side. A big fan of accessories and adding colour to her life, Neruja particularly loves earrings with bold colours, patterns and shapes that add something special to whatever outfit she is wearing. 

‘I am all about being unique,’ she says. ‘While I am a perfectionist, I have learnt to accept the imperfections of handmade products, adding uniqueness to every earring I create. For that reason, my brand is focused on making one-off products or small batches, making something special and unique each time.’

North Coast Captured 

Lois is a mixed media Artist from the North Coast of Ireland.

Working with a wide range of mediums including watercolour, gouache, seaglass, beach finds and digital. Her scenes capture the North Coast landscape and are the inspiration for many pieces of her work. She loves to paint local scenes in a fun, bright and colourful way that capture the beauty of Northern Ireland. 

Lois works from her home studio creating original art work and producing limited edition prints.

Print quality is of paramount importance and Lois maintains full control over this process, printing all pictures herself within her studio. All Prints are produced using archival quality inks on acid free paper. This not only enhances the durability but the quality too.


Lindy McCabe ollie&roo

Lindy McCabe is a self-taught macramé and fibre artist who lives in Bangor with her family.  Lindy has dabbled in crafting all her life and fell in love with macramé around four years ago.  She established her small business ollie&roo and up until now has been selling her creations through word of mouth and at craft fairs.  Her daughters also get involved – Eva deals with the social media side of the business and Ruby designs the artwork.

Lindy explains the appeal of macramé:

"I find the rhythmic nature of macramé incredibly absorbing.  For me there's nothing better at the end of a busy day than relaxing with a box set and whatever piece I'm working on.  It gives me such satisfaction to be able to work with the fibres and create something beautiful or useful that people want to have in their homes."

It's important to ollie&roo to be environmentally conscious.  From the use of bamboo and recycled, ethically sourced fibres to the 100% recyclable packaging, Lindy and Ruby have sourced and selected everything for their environmental credentials.

ollie&roo are currently selling a colourful range of plant hangers and decorative macramé and will also have some one-off items available from time to time. 

Ricky Parker Photography

Image of photographer Ricky Parker

Ricky’s story begins with the purchase of a 2 mega-pixel camera in New York 20 years ago, which was followed by a major life-changing decision to escape the world of banking to follow his life’s passion and create Ricky Parker Photography.     

Ricky's love for landscape photography is evident in the way he beautifully captures Northern Ireland scenery. This interest spilled into portrait photography and now he loves to combine the two where possible. 

“My everyday is always different and that’s what motivates me and makes me tick. I love the fact my work often leads down roads I’ve never travelled before and even in a small country like Northern Ireland there is an abundance of stunning scenery to discover and capture.”

Róisín Mallon Art

Roisin Mallon Art

Originally from Co. Mayo, from the age of 13, Róisín spent most of her life in England before moving to Northern Ireland in 2019. Happily settled in Bangor, Co. Down, she has been home educating her two children for over four years and works from home as a virtual assistant. When she can, she loves to chill out by creating art. 

Lockdown allowed Róisín to tap back into her love for art and she quickly rediscovered the joy of the slow, gentle process of drawing and creating art. 

‘I have a Zen-like approach to it,’ explains Róisín. ‘I like to be thoughtful and careful and just get lost in what I’m doing. Everything I make has that at the core. I also love to create things that I can look at time and time again, especially if it has a story behind it.’ 

Not restricting herself to one style of art, Róisín likes to experiment with different ways of enjoying the process of creating. Her range includes prints and cards of her white charcoal drawings, and prints of her acrylic paintings. 

Rosie's Easel

Rosie McElnay from Rosie's Easel

The stunning North Coast of Northern Ireland, specifically Portrush, is home to Rosie McElnay of Rosie’s Easel. 

‘Painting has been woven throughout my life,’ explains Rosie, ‘inspired by the rolling green hills, sandy shores and crashing waves of the magical Island of Ireland.’

After completing her Art ‘A’ Level, Rosie set aside her love of art to pursue a career in healthcare but even when studying and working, always made time for her passion of painting. Her first collection was showcased in the Flowerfields Art Centre in Portstewart in 2019 and she has experienced the joy of being part of a community of fantastic makers and market on the north coast.

Her current map-inspired collection was born during lock-down and showcases scenes of her beautiful homeland. This collection has been featured by both Discover Ireland and Tourism Ireland in 2020. 
Rosie’s work has also found homes across the globe, from ‘man caves’ in Ireland and Air BnBs in Australia to embassies in Europe. Scenes from beyond the Emerald Isle have joined her collection including from Scotland, England and USA. The breath-taking landscapes have been captured in acrylic paint using local maps as her canvas. Each painting is lovingly created in Portrush. ‘This is where colour meets coordinates.’

Seed & Flower 

Sam from Seed and Flower at the shore's edge

Seed & Flower was started by Sam in 2020, shortly after moving to Northern Ireland from the US. Her background is in the museum and heritage sector following her English and studio arts education and it was her love of travel that led Sam to first come to the UK to study in London, where she met her partner. 

When she’s not making candles, Sam loves permaculture gardening, photography, yoga, and painting. She likes to use the garden as her inspiration when coming up with new scents and candle ideas. Sam’s studio art and design background has blended together with her love of all things sustainable and ethical to create a plastic-free and vegan candle brand with locally sourced materials. 

“When first drafting and creating candle prototypes, it was really important that each candle was sourced in the most sustainable way possible, with no use of synthetic ingredients and only scented with essential oils,” explains Sam. 

Each candle is carefully poured by Sam in her home studio. The wax used in Seed & Flower candles is unique because it comes from a coconut and rapeseed wax blend. Rapeseed wax is sourced from the UK and EU and is a fantastic plant that is used for everything from biofuels to cooking oil. Rapeseed is an excellent flowering plant for bees and other pollinators and is also beneficial to the health of the soil. Coconut is a minimally processed renewable ingredient that contributes a creamy quality to each candle. 

Sam is currently working on expanding her candle range and scents to include even more recycled and repurposed products. She also hopes to add to her label collection using some of her own paintings in the future. 


Darren Lyttle from Snazzeroo is a creative with a background in graphic design and an innate passion for illustration and capturing the distinct essence of his subject matter. Art, and anything associated with it, has run in his veins for as long as he can remember, and he counts himself fortunate to be making a career out of doing what he loves most. 

From Bangor and living in Donaghadee, he has always had an affinity with the coastline and the great outdoors, which inspired the merging of his passion for design and illustration with coastal locations and landmarks. 

‘In graphic design, the task is always to communicate the visual as efficiently as possible. I translate this concept to my collection of prints, challenging myself to distil the elements of each location in both shape and colour, while retaining the unique essence of the location. And in a stylised way, the elements you cannot see are as significant as the parts you can,’ explains Darren.

He is currently working his way round the coastline, capturing memorable locations and landmarks, and translating them into his signature graphic style.

Stephen McCurdy Art

Artist Stephen McCurdy     

Self-portrait caricature of artist Stephen McCurdy Born in Belfast in 1983, Stephen McCurdy loved dabbling in art when he  was growing up. Spending much of his time at school and at home  drawing or painting through the mediums of gouache, acrylics and pencil,  Stephen was greatly inspired by his grandfather who was rarely seen without a paintbrush in his hand. His stylised technique and use of vibrant colour was something Stephen was drawn to and it was this that began to influence his own work. 

“After spending six years in art exile,” explains Stephen, “the first lockdown of 2020 brought a new opportunity for me. I decided to pick up the pencil once again and I rediscovered my love of art, albeit in a digital format.”

Capturing vibrant and atmospheric scenes of Belfast and beyond, Stephen’s most notable subject matter is Belfast’s iconic Harland and Wolff cranes. He also creates commissioned pieces on request. 

All Stephen’s work is Giclee printed using archival quality inks, bringing to life the colours and images for a premium finish and ready for framing. 

Studio Halt

Originally from Donaghadee, Judith currently lives in Dundonald with her husband and two-year-old bulldog Ralph. 
She has been sewing since a very young age, about three of four years, totally inspired and enthralled by her dressmaker grandmother. While her brother and cousins were outside, playing Judith was usually to be found in her grandmother’s room with her, watching her work and making clothes for her own dolls on her old Singer machine. 

Judith has always enjoyed making things and will give anything a go – she likes a challenge! She knits, crochets, quilts, dressmakes and creates homewares such as cushions and tote bags. Her favourite sewing techniques are applique and free motion embroidery/sketching. 

While Judith studied Art to A-level, she moved into the beauty industry for over 20 years. Art in the form of painting and drawing had fallen by the wayside but watching Grayson Perry’s Art Club in first lockdown in 2020 reignited something in her. She started to paint again, mainly using watercolour and then started to develop that into painting on fabric and combining it with free motion.

‘During lockdown I bought myself a needle felting kit to make a bunny and was instantly addicted,’ says Judith. ‘I have now developed that into 2d needle felting art pieces inspired by local landmarks traditions and culture. I like to use New Zealand short fibre carded wool, and I add detail with free motion, some hand embroidery and at times some embellishments such as beads and ribbons.’

Judith loves colour and textile and adores using bright colours which pop against each other. The texture of the wool really allows for a sense of depth and perspective and the nature of it means that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

The Snoring Crow 

Image of Fiona from the Snoring Crow

Fiona Macaulay is a self-taught jewellery maker from Ahoghill in Co. Antrim. She is married to Thomas, has a daughter at university called Rachael and a Lakeland Terrier named Angus. 

Fiona’s interest in jewellery making only began before Christmas 2020 when she bought some tools and gemstones and soon The Snoring Crow was born. While she has never considered herself to be artistic, through jewellery making has unleased her inner creativity and is now thoroughly hooked.

Her pieces are one-off designs based on uniqueness, quality, and an original creative flair. 

‘I love creating jewellery, using genuine gemstones, that is affordable and accessible to everyone,’ explains Fiona. ‘I have always been a gemstone enthusiast and love the colours, patterns, different textures and variations which are dependent on the country of origin. Most of all, the fact that these beautiful rocks are created by mother earth herself is captivating. We really do live in an amazing world.

‘I have realised that self-confidence, enjoying what I do and taking pride in my creations will stand by me, both now and in the future.’

Thérèse Nixon Art

Therese Nixon

Thérèse Nixon has loved imagery, arts and crafts for as long as she remembers. Based in Bangor, but originally from Armagh, Thérèse completed an internship at TV33 LaGrange in Georgia, USA before studying television production in Edinburgh. She then moved to Vancouver and when she returned home, studied a degree in graphic design.  

She loves to mix digital imagery, lino printing, photography and collage art and is inspired by the vintage imagery of her new home town. 

‘I use the sea and seaside life as inspiration. An octopus 'Imelda' does pop up in a lot of my sketches and lino prints. I love chunky, bright pop art colours and patterns,’ she explains. 

‘It’s challenging to set time aside to create, with using several different methods, it is always so exciting to see the final piece which can be miles away from the initial idea.’

When she’s not creating art, Thérèse loves walking on the beach with her son and two Jack Russells. She loves food from all around the world and works part-time in Bangor’s Guillemot Deli where she is surrounded by beautiful products and lots of fabulous cheese! 

Twisted & Rapt 

Julie Murphy is a sculptor and printmaker based in Omagh. She set up ‘Twisted and Rapt’ this year as a way to share her love of wire sculpture through creating wire sculpture kits. She began using wire as a way of drawing in 3 dimensions around 10 years ago and has since developed her skills and has created works from the tiniest bird to a life size greyhound! 

Julie graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Fine Art and went on to study Art Therapy and believes passionately in the power of creativity to support people find healing and positivity. Her own art practice is important and she has exhibited widely in Ireland and internationally.

The inspiration for her wire sculpture often comes from animals and nature and she finds that wire is a wonderful material for describing form and line, particularly the beautiful shapes of her own pet sighthounds. She is an avid collector of recycled and old rusty wire which finds new use in her work.

Drawing is at the heart of all her work and she pays attention to the anatomy of the animals and natural forms she creates. Recently she has begun to focus on creating works describing human anatomy in her wire sculpture and etchings.